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The Joyful Moose Story

Laser Engraved & Printed Gifts (for others or yourself!)
Joyful Moose is located in the mountains of beautiful North Idaho.
Why Joyful?
It's simple - I want our products bringing you joy!
Why a Moose?
Being nestled in a small mountain valley near the Canadian border, much of the inspiration for products comes from the mountains, forests and wildlife that surround my home. And yes, Moose are my favorite.
How did Joyful Moose get started?
As a graphic designer my work was mainly in a digital format. I wanted to see these designs come to life in person by turning them into physical products. In 2013 I began printing phone cases & pet id tags. Being surrounded by locally harvested wood, in 2016, I added a wood collection with custom laser engraving.
Moose haves?
My favorite things include: coffee, dogs, books, the great outdoors. Many of the products are inspired from these things :)
Founder of Joyful Moose